Dar Al Bahar  is certainly the name it deserves: the house by the sea.
Built on the ramparts of the city of Essaouira in the "San Dion" district, she faces the ocean and its trade winds. From the terrace the view is one of constant movement, winds breaking against the rocks of the coast, offering an amazing spectacle. From there, you can also enjoy the panoramic view over the medina with its northern fort of the ancient Scala and the Mellah (the former Jewish quarter). In the distance, you can see the sand dunes, which actually touch the northern outskirts of the city.

Jean-Claude and Lise, a french-dutch couple, have completely renovated this house which was built at the turn of the last century. At that time, this part of Essaouira was much more animated thanks to the presence of an authentic windmill which formerly provided flour for the city and the back country. At this place, a hotel has been built but he street name remained: Touahen, which means ‘mill’ in Arabic.
Nowadays, the peacefulness of this place is only disturbed by breaking waves and shrieking seagulls.
You will certainly have a pleasant stay in
Dar Al Bahar !




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